Dental Etiquette: 5 Do’s and Dont’s

You are reminded to uphold good manners everywhere you go, but few people actually understand how to do the same when they visit a dentist. It is essential to ensure you don’t burden your dentist by doing things that don’t subscribe the required dental etiquette and expected of any patient. Although it is within the confines of your dentist to address all the issues you think your dental health is facing, you are indebted to ensure you give him or her the best time by not behaving in a manner that goes against common dental etiquette. Karl Jobst Grove OK is a dental expert and he advises that you should understand these five do’s and don’ts of dental etiquette.

You need a break from your cell phone

Sinking your head in your cell phone all the while as your dentist tries to diagnose you is one of the most annoying things. Sometimes your dentist will want to ask a few questions about your dental history and things you have been taking to understand where to start and if you are too committed to responding to messages and calls this might not augur well with the professional. It is necessary to allocate ample time to your dentist by ensuring your phone does not distract both of you from the issue at hand.

Hold off on lipstick

You might decide to wear your awesome lipstick, but don’t get annoyed when the dentist advises you to get it off. Lipstick can stick on instruments as the dentist works on you, and I don’t believe there is any professional who is interested in getting tools soiled with alien colors. Observe etiquette by not wearing any lipstick on the day you will be checking in for checkups at your dentist’s office.

Be open about your home dental practices

Some people will want to lie to their dentist about their dental practice and this will obviously not go well with the entire treatment process. It makes it harder for the dentist to exactly locate what is ailing you as sometimes your home dental habits point to a source of what you are going through and with this information the dentist can find a solution without having to take you through many sessions of diagnoses. This mostly works against you as you will most likely not get what you need to solve the dental problems you are harboring.

Ask questions

Dentists agree that no question is stupid as long as it relates to the process they are undertaking. It is, therefore, essential that you seek information on anything you seem not to understand. You could even ask for alternatives to different processes and you will be surprised by the wide array of options that are available that the dentist is willing to propose to you. Asking questions also ensures your doctor proceeds faster as they are able to understand what you prefer to be undertaken to address your problem. A question is seeking an opinion and clarification on what might turn out to be one among many options that you could have exploited.

Don’t smoke before the visit

Smoking is discouraged across the medical sphere, not just in dentistry. When you expect to see a dentist, this is one of the things you should not try and do. You need to have your mouth free of any residues of tar that might compromise the diagnoses that are conducted on you. If you could quit smoking altogether, you would reap more benefits as this practice leads to teeth staining and loss, and could even lead to throat cancer.

Groza Learning Center Discusses 2016 SAT Changes

As one of the most important exams a student will take during their academic career, the SAT and ACT are correctly viewed as tests worthy of detailed and thorough preparation. As a result, there has been a great deal of material created over the years for the purpose of test preparation, but recent changes to the SAT have led many to wonder whether the previously available material concerning this critical standardized test is still useful. Given the nature of the changes, it is absolutely true that updated materials are necessary as a part of a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome on the SAT, but there are far more questions regarding recent modifications to the SAT that are likewise deserving of consideration.

Scott Groza, the founder of the Groza Learning Center, recently addressed some of the more pressing concerns relating to the SAT’s newly implemented alterations, offering his professional insight regarding the following questions, among others:

• Will the changes to the SAT have an adverse influence on student performance?

• SAT or ACT? Which is the better option?

• What is the most effective test-preparation strategy?

• What materials are available for test preparation?

As an educator and a co-founder of a learning center that offers specific courses on SAT and ACT test preparation, Groza has a unique understanding of the recent changes to the SAT and the impact those changes may have on student performance.

Will the Changes to the SAT Influence Student Performance?

… the publishers of test preparation guides have had more than enough time to create new test-taking materials for students to utilize

The common refrain heard in response to the changes to the SAT is that students may not be able to properly prepare for the exam in the same way as before. Since the last change to the SAT was over 10 years ago, the belief is that there was a decade’s worth of data guiding preparation for previous versions of the exam. Without the same amount of data, many students are worried that they will not be able to benefit in the same way they would have in the past through the use of test preparation materials.

This is not as pressing an issue as it may seem on the surface. According to Groza, the College Board (the organization responsible for creating the SAT) has already released a 210-page document that goes into great detail regarding every aspect of the test along with four practice exams that reflect the recent changes made to the SAT. Since this official material has already been released and has been freely available for quite some time, the publishers of test preparation guides have had more than enough time to create new test-taking materials for students to utilize.

Groza noted that students will have access to the kind of high-quality materials that make it more than possible to properly prepare for the SAT. While emphasizing the importance of preparation as it relates to success on either exam, Groza also pointed out the fact that test scores on both the SAT and ACT are scaled according to the performance of all test-takers. Since the scores take overall performance into account, the fact that the test is new should have no undue influence on a student’s score when all students are taking the same test and have had access to the same materials.

SAT or ACT? Which Is the Better Option?

sat-actEven with access to perfectly adequate preparation materials for the new SAT, many students have wondered whether having access to more ACT preparation materials would benefit their performance. The fact that the tests are scaled — along with the fact that it is the quality of the preparation that matters most — eliminates this possibility, so students should not view one test as better than the other without evaluating how each test suits their personal skill set. Ultimately, the better option is the one that a student feels most comfortable with, so Groza recommends that students make a decision to take one or the other and to simply focus their energy on preparing for the test they have selected.

What Is the Most Effective Test-Preparation Strategy?

Each student is unique and therefore requires a unique approach to test preparation. There is no single approach that is most effective, particularly since some students will benefit from working with a group while others will experience a greater outcome through one-on-one tutoring sessions. There are even a number of students who are able to adequately prepare for the SAT or the ACT through self-guided study alone, but it remains important to point out that the most effective method for developing a strategy for test preparation includes an initial assessment for identifying individual strengths and weaknesses.

Recognizing the importance of the initial assessment, the Groza Learning Center utilizes an SAT practice test — which has been updated to reflect the most recent changes — to identify the areas a student should focus on in advance of taking the actual exam. Groza noted that this allows for the development of a program based on the most critical content areas and the order in which those content areas should be addressed. This, along with regular progress assessments, enables students to achieve an optimal score on the new SAT. Of course, the learning center uses this approach in preparing students for the ACT along with other important standardized tests students may encounter.

What Materials Are Available for Test Preparation?

As noted above, the same publishers that created the previously available SAT preparation materials have created updated materials that reflect the changes made by the College Board. These materials are based on the officially released documents made available through the College Board, meaning that the test materials should be every bit as effective as in previous years. There are certainly more preparation materials available for ACT preparation, but this does not speak to the quality of the SAT materials nor does it make a difference on a student’s ability to prepare for either test. As Groza has repeatedly pointed out, it is what the student does with the materials that matters most.