Dr. Raouf Farag Might Be Able To Simplify Confusing Health Tips

Stop for a moment and think of your greatest wealth. Is it your car? Your watch? Your home, maybe? What if I told you that you’re wrong if you answer yes to any of those? The greatest wealth you have is your health. Your health cannot be purchased and once it goes downhill, it’s usually game over for you which is why taking care of yourself is highly important for a healthy life.

The subject of health isn’t one that many people connect with because there are so many things that go into living a healthy lifestyle, depending on who you talk to. Some people will say to exercise 15-30 minutes every day or at least get your heart rate up somehow. Other people will say eating your leafy greens is the way to go and to avoid red meat, but healthy gym goers will argue red meat is crucial to a strong body. Many other details go into living a healthy life and can again vary depending on who you speak with. Other health tips are:

  • Sleep at night and do not eat ANYTHING 1 hour before bed.
  • Make sure to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep, but no more than 9 hours.
  • Sleeping during the day is bad for health (which is bad news for 3rd shift workers).

As you can probably understand, living a healthy life is confusing and complicated. Who is going to remember all this stuff every day? It would also seem living a healthy life would be stressful, so who do you go to when you want the plain simple truth and facts of staying healthy? Dr Raouf Farag along with many others are highly skilled and gifted in their knowledge and practice of good health and good health habits. If anyone can clear up the confusion and give you a plain and simple plan to follow through with every day, Dr. Raouf Farag is about as good of a choice as any if not better.

If you were to ask a personal trainer to give you a workout plan, this is also going to get complicated. They will want to do a series of tests on your body and probably even DNA tests to understand what foods your body works well with. Jim is unable to have carbs because they cause bloating, however, James is able to eat as many carbs as he wants because his DNA allows for it. This is just the tip of the iceberg of how complex health is and depending on your body type, body shape, structure, DNA, genetics, lifestyle, and much more, you are going to be given a program that is different than someone else.  In any case, do whatever it takes to protect your health, the greatest wealth you have.

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Smile and the world smiles back unless there are teeth missing.  Missing front teeth can be funny but more often they cause pain.  The missing front teeth are common in drug abusers and the poor. untitled (92) untitled (91) Though front missing teeth are embarrassing the teeth in the back of your mouth are the ones that are needed the most and when you cant afford dental care these are the ones that most people have pulled or are in the worst shape, cracked and damaged. The back teeth are also the most likely o have old filling in your teeth having lead in the filling which they are now having to replace because they say are not good for your health.  What have we done to are bodies in the name of science and progress.  Createurs De Luxe has that smile.

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Implanted Teeth

untitled (31) untitled (30) images (3)Are you looking to have teeth implanted?  I think that it may be a good idea for some people.  If you teeth are ruined by years of abuse or dental disease then implants can be the answer.  The teeth that show are really important.  A missing tooth in the smile doesn’t send the right message.  Implants are not cheap.  In fact the average person will not be able to afford them.  A full set of teeth can cost thirty thousand dollars.  Ouch.  That alone is a reason to take care of your teeth.  Dove Medical Press has endorsed the implants as medically sound.

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Teeth or Dentures?

untitled (72) images1H6VQQX8 images5GXQR8G8After years of poor dental health many of us will have to decide on dentures or implants.  Implants are very expensive and most insurances will not pay for them.  Dentures have been the answer for hundreds of years.  Teeth problems can effective you health in many ways.  The inflammation can lead to heart failure or stroke.  So living with rotten teeth is not a good idea.  Do you spend a grand for dentures or twenty five thousand for implants?  Jody Rookstool would say implants but she has more money than I. I will be getting dentures as that is all I can afford.  What will be your choice?  Good luck.

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Take Control of Your Health

imagesKI6WBTI4If you depend on the doctor to tell you how to live your life you will fail.  Only you can make the changes needed to stay healthy.  What is healthy?  Well most think healthy is the absence of disease. I say healthy means much more.  Just imagine feeling good all day long.  Wanting to go for that walk.  Being pain free.  Those are the health issues that effect the quality of life.  I want to just be pain free so I can enjoy the simple things like walking through a forest or climbing a hill without losing my breath. I guess that as we get older these thing may be harder to achieve but should we stop trying? Firoz Patel on Twitter can tell you how to be healthier.

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Do Inversion Tables help Back Pain?

I just had surgery and have had back problems for many many years that have been getting worse as I get older. I can tell when the weather is changing two days or more before it happens some days.imagesQB1H8GR4 I regress I had surgery where I was in a position that is like standing on your head for a few hours any way I that that because of my serve back pain I thought it would be hard to move in bed but then pain that I had was mostly in the surgery area the back pain had lessen for about a week before it really started to be as painful as get was before the surgery.  So I have brought an inversion table and I used it slowly as they say and it helps relieve the pain with the pain meds to a tolerated pain I walk better then I have for years.  It maybe in the mind but what ever helps at this point.   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-jensen/hiring-guru-luke-weil-put_b_7195648.html is a place to look for more information.

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How to keep your teeth healthy

How to keep your teeth healthy.  We should go to the dentist within the at least the time we start growing teeth and chewing foods. They will teach us the right way to brush and care for the new teeth and to help stop or know if their maybe a growth pattern that may become a problem in the growth pattern of these new teeth.  They tell us to floss and show us many ways to keep the clean and healthy.  We grow older and start the bad habits like drinking soda, caffeine and alcoholic beverages.  Then candy and sweets that  are doubly hard on the enamel of are teeth.  Smoking also is very dangerous to teeth and gums .  Consolidated Credit can help with the expense.

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Traveling Nursing

Why is it that when you are going to school and have no idea what you what to do they do not tell you all the types of working force and opportunity.  I went to school to do nursing and then the doors start to open you can continue as high as you want from aid work, license vocational  registered nurse to having master to PHD you can then be a physician assistant. Huffington Post interview is an article of interest to nurses everywhere.  If you want to travel now is the traveling nursing doors open you can travel a lot be a traveling nurse and help people and make more money then you would in one hospital after graduation.

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Cheap Medicine

Is there such a thing as cheap medicine?  Dove Medical Press says that generics are the way to go if you are short in cash.  Short on cash or not why waste money on Name Brand medicine?  If they are basically the same why are they cheaper?  Am I missing something?  There must be a difference in potency or quality.  Can I trust the name brands more? I need more information before I buy something that may not work.  When it comes to your kids health is it wise to go with the generic? Give it some thought and let is sink in.  If you are sick don’t you want the best medicine?

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