Rocco Basile On The Increasing Need For Preventative Dental Care

Rocco Basile is the founder of Avo Construction, a Tribeca, New York full-service construction, general contracting, and management firm. Mr. Basile was born into a construction family and founded Avo after many successful years in the Brooklyn real estate market.

Mr. Basile feels strongly that preventative dental care is the number one way to keep your dental health intact. His interests in fitness, sports, and health have led him to put preventative care at the forefront for his employees, family, and clients.

Rocco Basile, the founder of Avo Construction, isn’t interested in just construction and New York real estate. His interests in health, wellness, and fitness have allowed him to learn that preventative care is the most important part of overall health. Dental health is also an important part of maintaining a professional look when working with clients, buyers, and developers. Mr. Basile is also adamant that fresh breath and clean teeth reflect well on you and your organization and bolster your confidence, which can help you succeed in the workplace, no matter your profession.

This is particularly important when it comes to dental health. Dental professionals, and Mr. Basile, all agree that daily care of your mouth and teeth is the most important thing you can do to maintain your dental health. Brushing and flossing twice a day, preferably after meals, is just as important as visiting your dentist regularly. Brushing with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste will help keep cavities and other dental diseases at bay.

Those yearly visits are of utmost importance, too. A yearly, or bi-yearly, annual cleaning and check-up can ensure that minor dental issues don’t become major ones that require surgery, caps, root canals or other expensive and invasive procedures. As we age our gums recede, exposing the root of a tooth. This can lead to painful sensitivity and compromise the integrity of the teeth. Long term root exposure can even cause a tooth to lose blood flow and then die. Keeping up on your dental check-ups will stop this process before it starts.

Mr. Basile also recommends preventative dental care as a way to ultimately save money. As health insurances change dental insurance is something not everyone has access to, and even if you are offered dental insurance it’s only rarely that procedures are covered 100%. By caring for your gums and teeth you are saving yourself potentially thousands of dollars in dental bills that will come due when a root canal, tooth extraction, or gum surgery becomes necessary.

Overall, Mr. Basile sees preventative dental care as an integral part of a healthy and professional lifestyle. As a real estate mogul in today’s difficult market, Mr. Basile knows that your mind, body, and teeth all need to be as strong and healthy as possible so that you can present your best face to the world. Health and wellness are a part of Mr. Basile’s commitment to excellence. He strives to be the best for himself, his family, and his clients.

Sebastian Hirsch Clears Up Some Common Dentistry Misconceptions

It is almost hard to believe that so many people still have anxiety over visiting the dentist, particularly when it is for any procedure other than a routine cleaning. While it may have been the case decades ago that certain dental problems required some discomfort to correct through dentistry, the majority of contemporary procedures are relatively painless to the point that most patients are surprised when they do not have to endure any pain during their time in the dentist’s chair. This is problematic, however, as there are still people who avoid dental care due to misconceptions regarding procedures that may be critical to their continued health.

A root canal is a perfect example, according to Sebastian Hirsch. The root canal has long held a place in popular culture as a procedure so painful that people began to adopt an inaccurate perception of the level of discomfort involved. The root canal procedure, which was never as painful as it had been made out to be, has benefited from advances in dental technology that allows the dentist to perform this procedure in a way that causes the patient very little discomfort, if there even is any discomfort at all. Perception, however, is everything, so it is important for dental professionals to correct these misconceptions so patients do not avoid seeking care when necessary.

Dental technology has advanced to such a degree that problems once requiring surgery can now be addressed through non-invasive procedures. For example, a patient — we will refer to him as Hugo — had receding gums that he left unaddressed for over decade due to an unwillingness to undergo a surgical procedure that involved grafts, sutures and a period of recovery. With advances in dental technology, Hugo is now able to have his receding gums addressed through a non-invasive procedure that does not require sutures or grafts, and he has no need to endure any recovery period.

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