Do Inversion Tables help Back Pain?

I just had surgery and have had back problems for many many years that have been getting worse as I get older. I can tell when the weather is changing two days or more before it happens some days.imagesQB1H8GR4 I regress I had surgery where I was in a position that is like standing on your head for a few hours any way I that that because of my serve back pain I thought it would be hard to move in bed but then pain that I had was mostly in the surgery area the back pain had lessen for about a week before it really started to be as painful as get was before the surgery.  So I have brought an inversion table and I used it slowly as they say and it helps relieve the pain with the pain meds to a tolerated pain I walk better then I have for years.  It maybe in the mind but what ever helps at this point. is a place to look for more information.

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