Grove OK

The city of Grove is located in Oklahoma and is situated relatively close to the borders of Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. The home of Grand Lake Dental is also home to a number of historic sites, and the city is defined by a beautiful landscape that includes valleys, streams and forest-covered hills. This city has a long and rich background, and its residents are quite proud of the history of the city in which they live.

For Dr. Karl Jobst, Grove, Oklahoma, has long held a great deal of appeal. After visiting Grove as a teenager, Dr. Jobst knew that this area would be an ideal location for his dental practice. Of particular interest to Dr. Jobst was Grand Lake, and it was with good reason that the dentist chose this particular landmark as the inspiration for his practice’s name.

Of course, there are plenty of lake-related recreational activities that residents and visitors of Grove enjoy, including boating and fishing, as the city has hosted bass-fishing tournaments right out on Grand Lake. Sailing and waterskiing are also frequently enjoyed by residents and visitors, but there is far more to Grove than just the lake.

While there are many popular attractions throughout the city of Grove, one of the most aesthetically pleasing options is undoubtedly the Lendonwood Gardens. Boasting over three acres of botanical gardens, Lendonwood features over 1,500 different plants and includes a wonderful Japanese tea pavilion that overlooks a relaxing koi pond.

The history of Grove is also quite prevalent throughout the city, as the Harbor Village Museum provides a unique retrospective of the historic city. As one of the biggest antique museums in the country, residents and visitors alike are able to marvel at the countless collections, exhibits and buildings that make up the museum.

There are also plenty of events that occur regularly throughout the city, as Grove plays host to a number of festivals throughout the year. Whether it is an evening of dancing to live music or a day spent relaxing out on the lake, Grove, Oklahoma is able to offer residents and visitors a little bit of everything.

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