How Patients Can Maintain Dental Health Between Appointments

Even though patients often have a fair amount of anxiety in advance of a dental appointment, they are more likely to be adversely affected during the time in between appointments rather than the time spent in the dentist’s chair. For patients who are intent on avoiding any dental work beyond the standard cleaning every six months, a bit of preventive maintenance performed on a similarly consistent basis as the properties management offered by 1 Stop Maintenance can be of tremendous value.

Most dental patients are already quite familiar with the standard guidelines suggesting that brushing should be performed twice per day and should be supplemented by flossing as well. The use of an antiseptic mouth rinse to help prevent issues relating to gum disease is another well-known strategy, but there are some other considerations patients should take into account when it comes to avoiding the kind of extensive dental work that is far more serious than a routine check-up.

One of the more overlooked aspects of dental care relates to dietary habits. Certain foods and drinks are more damaging to dental health than others, particularly those that include significant sugar content or that are highly acidic in nature. Foods and drinks such as these can be quite harmful to the enamel of the teeth and may result in the formation of cavities.

While a simple filling can correct a cavity, far too many patients neglect to seek timely care until the problem worsens to the point that a root canal becomes necessary. Patients are better served by following the example of One Stop Maintenance by utilizing every possible strategy while performing preventive maintenance.

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