John Ross Jesensky Discusses the Need to Encourage Greater Accessibility to Dental Care

doctor-563429_960_720There are many benefits to the fact that dental insurance and medical insurance tend to be separated from one another, but that does not mean the system is not without its drawbacks. In some circumstances, people in difficult financial situations are more likely to make the decision to forgo dental insurance in favor of medical insurance in the hope that they will simply be able to avoid any major issue requiring a dental professional’s attention. John Ross Jesensky has noted that this is a mistake on a variety of levels, especially since forgoing regular visits to the dentist makes it much more likely that a more serious — and much more costly — issue will arise.

Without getting into a detailed cost-benefit analysis of dental insurance, Jesensky believes that those without insurance should not compound the issue by avoiding the dentist altogether. Cleanings and checkups tend to be very affordable, and those who still feel they cannot afford a dental visit can opt for the free dental services that are often offered by dentists during various times throughout the year. From a financial perspective, it ought to be quite evident that any initial cost associated with dental care or dental insurance is well worth the price and is an investment entirely worth making regardless of an individual’s fiancnial circumstances.

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