Marty Stallone

A One-On-One with Marty Stallone

His Background

Marty currently works as Managing Director at Investment Managment Advisory Group, Inc. He did not begin this way. He went to Cornell University. He got his BA in Education. After he graduated he furthered his education in the public markets. He went on to do this for 20 years. During these 20 years, he honed his skills in the analytical and math fields. Money has become his thing. His skills have helped out many companies and corporations. He has managed to tackle some of the most complex situations, turning these situations into a win for the company in question.

Some of the companies he has helped are Corporate and Municipal Finance Department of Meridian Capital Markets, IMAGE, Marty is both the founder and past president of Hamilton Consulting, Inc. He is a featured speaker for many companies. He has worked his magic for companies like Bond Buyer conferences. Marty is accomplishing so much. It is only the beginning for him. He has so more in store.

We sat down for an interview with Marty recently. There was not a single question or subject left unanswered. Below you will find a snippet of our time with him.

Was school a happy time for you?

My school days were a happy time for me, yes. I enjoyed everything from high school up to my college days. I made a number of friends. Many of my friends from those days I am still in touch with. You could say that I loved being in class. I am a geek when it comes to this stuff. I love statistics. I guess my love of stats proves in my choice of career choices. I was and still am a mathlete. Math came easy for me.

The subject of economics is still my preferred subject of choice. English was okay for me. It was not something I excelled with. I am weird with school subjects. The things you least expect from me are what I excel in.

How did you make your mark fresh out of college?

I did a number of things. I got involved with municipal finance early on. My schooling helped me with this. I dealt with some of the hardest principles in math. It prepared me for my first job. I got thrown into the deep end. I managed to survive. I was one of the youngest department Vice Presidents Meridian Capital Markets had. This was to my advantage. I got to see the corporate side of things very quickly. I do not subscribe to the corporate side of things. It is a good learning tool. It teaches you there is another perspective to consider, no matter what the situation is. You may not agree with the principles, but the lessons are invaluable.

Did you ever have a bad day when you first started out?

I am fortunate in this respect. I have never had a bad day. Some people go to work and do not like being there. I can not say the same. I still do not have a bad day 20 years in. Every work day brings me much joy. I consider myself to be lucky.

Do you ever have days when you have to motivate yourself to get out of bed?

I have these days, like everyone else. There are days when I need the motivation to get through. I find the subject of economics thrilling. The subject of economics is my primary motivation. There is my desire to learn more and improve my skills. This is my second biggest motivation. I am good after this.

What excites you in this world?

I am turned on by analysis and research. Keeping my mind on business is what keeps me going. Commitment to research is very important to me. It needs to be backed up at all times. Seeing my team go into action and do the research, this is what brings a smile to my face. I like commitment. My commitment is not enough. I have to see the commitment coming from the people I work with. I like details. Details are another thing that turns me on.

What brings you the greatest joy outside of work?

I do not believe there is anything right now. I love the company I work for. Everything comes from a longstanding view of commitment. I love how my company is taking the time to embrace this. We have a tremendous fan base. As long as the fans are happy, this is all that matters. I am so proud of everything we do. I only hope our drive and commitment to our customers will continue into the next few decades.

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