John Ross Jesensky Discusses the Need to Encourage Greater Accessibility to Dental Care

doctor-563429_960_720There are many benefits to the fact that dental insurance and medical insurance tend to be separated from one another, but that does not mean the system is not without its drawbacks. In some circumstances, people in difficult financial situations are more likely to make the decision to forgo dental insurance in favor of medical insurance in the hope that they will simply be able to avoid any major issue requiring a dental professional’s attention. John Ross Jesensky has noted that this is a mistake on a variety of levels, especially since forgoing regular visits to the dentist makes it much more likely that a more serious — and much more costly — issue will arise.

Without getting into a detailed cost-benefit analysis of dental insurance, Jesensky believes that those without insurance should not compound the issue by avoiding the dentist altogether. Cleanings and checkups tend to be very affordable, and those who still feel they cannot afford a dental visit can opt for the free dental services that are often offered by dentists during various times throughout the year. From a financial perspective, it ought to be quite evident that any initial cost associated with dental care or dental insurance is well worth the price and is an investment entirely worth making regardless of an individual’s fiancnial circumstances.

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Smile and the world smiles back unless there are teeth missing.  Missing front teeth can be funny but more often they cause pain.  The missing front teeth are common in drug abusers and the poor. untitled (92) untitled (91) Though front missing teeth are embarrassing the teeth in the back of your mouth are the ones that are needed the most and when you cant afford dental care these are the ones that most people have pulled or are in the worst shape, cracked and damaged. The back teeth are also the most likely o have old filling in your teeth having lead in the filling which they are now having to replace because they say are not good for your health.  What have we done to are bodies in the name of science and progress.  Createurs De Luxe has that smile.

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untitled (351)A toothache is a warning that you have a serious dental issue.  There is no other pain that can be so painful and telling then a severe tooth ache.   Your teeth need to be one of the top most priority because if your teeth are in bad shape it can be a very health detriment .  It is so close to sinus and head and heart that and infection can spread rapidly in the body without knowing that you could have stop it with a check up and regular cleaning to prevent problems.  TMJ can also be a problem unknown without going to the dentist and avoid headaches and a locked jaw and breaking down of your teeth because of a poor bite. is a link to pain killers.

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Dental Pain

Dental pain is like no other.  It is your body telling you there is something wrong.  Dental problemsimagesMIHRFVWM imagesEQ0Z627U can be serious.  An infection can lead to fever and if not corrected even death, I don’t want to be over dramatic but dental problems are serious when ignored.  The pain usually results in a visit to the Dentist .  A dentist will try to get the problem under control with antibiotics but an infection can be tuff to deal with.  In a recent interview with my Dentist I found out that I will soon be losing another tooth.  I cant afford another crown so the tooth will have to go.

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Implanted Teeth

untitled (31) untitled (30) images (3)Are you looking to have teeth implanted?  I think that it may be a good idea for some people.  If you teeth are ruined by years of abuse or dental disease then implants can be the answer.  The teeth that show are really important.  A missing tooth in the smile doesn’t send the right message.  Implants are not cheap.  In fact the average person will not be able to afford them.  A full set of teeth can cost thirty thousand dollars.  Ouch.  That alone is a reason to take care of your teeth.  Dove Medical Press has endorsed the implants as medically sound.

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Teeth or Dentures?

untitled (72) images1H6VQQX8 images5GXQR8G8After years of poor dental health many of us will have to decide on dentures or implants.  Implants are very expensive and most insurances will not pay for them.  Dentures have been the answer for hundreds of years.  Teeth problems can effective you health in many ways.  The inflammation can lead to heart failure or stroke.  So living with rotten teeth is not a good idea.  Do you spend a grand for dentures or twenty five thousand for implants?  Jody Rookstool would say implants but she has more money than I. I will be getting dentures as that is all I can afford.  What will be your choice?  Good luck.

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Dental Care a Critical Component in Preventive Medical Care

In the medical field, there is no better type of care than preventive medical care. Doctors in every aspect of medicine work very hard to treat whatever issues their patients may be dealing with, but the fact remains that the goal of every doctor should be to work diligently to help their patients prevent any issues that may lead to further health complications.

As Joe Olujic has said over and over again, it is much better to prevent a disease than to cure a disease. Of course, Olujic does not mean that there should be less emphasis on treating an existing condition, just that both doctors and patients should do all that they can to prevent a disease before it ever needs to be cured.

One of the more overlooked aspects of preventive medical care relates to dentistry. Proper dental care is an absolutely vital component of preventive care, yet there are many who do not fully understand the value of regular dental care.

Patients should perceive their dentist as the first line of defense against a number of diseases that can result in a number of very serious health complications. This means that regular checkups play a significant role in preventive medical care and can reduce the likelihood of a patient having to endure the ill-effects of the diseases these checkups can help prevent. Most dentists recommend checkups and cleanings every six months, and this schedule should be closely followed in the interest of preventive medical care.

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At Any Age, Dental Health Should Not Be Overlooked

While it should come as no surprise that dental health is incredibly important, many do not realize that proper dental care and regular visits to the dentist can have a significantly positive impact on overall health and wellness. Dentistry is not just about ensuring oral health and well-being or maintaining the aesthetic appearance of an individual’s smile, it is about ensuring that through proper dental hygiene people are able to enjoy an excellent quality of life for many years to come.

Dental care is emphasized as being vital for children and young adults whose teeth are still in the developmental stages, but, according to Adam Kutner, D.D.S., lifelong dental care can help prevent a number of serious diseases and illnesses that can afflict people of any age. In fact, many preventable oral diseases have been linked to the development of other, more serious issues. Diabetes, cardiac disease, stroke and certain types of cancer have been linked time and again to oral diseases that could have been easily prevented or treated through regular dental care.

When it comes to matters of health and wellness, it is important to include regular dental care as a vital component that delivers many long-term benefits.

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