What Does Your Furniture in Your Dentist Office Lobby Say About You?

A personal clinic is a representation of a professional. For Dentists, owning and decorating a personal clinic can say a lot about the person. The choice of design, furniture styles, and all other embellishments can determine what kind of a person the dentist is–is he practical? Is she fancy? Is he avant-garde?

If you are a new professional or a seasoned one looking out to decorate your clinic lobby, it is important to find out first what kind of furniture you want to adorn this area. Although dental clinics are public, you can always add a personal touch to it.

According to JMD furniture, a known furniture store based in Maryland, finding out what kind of furniture is suitable for your dental clinic is simple. However, you must start first on how you want to be seen as a professional, and an individual as well.

In this post, we will look into common furniture styles and how each creates an impression on your clients and other visitors.

What Does Your Furniture in Your Dentist Office Lobby Say About You?


What your furniture style is: Classic

Classic is mainly composed of dark wood and redwood furniture. These can include heavy looking benches or couches with intricate designs. Most of the pieces are solid, made of polished wood are quite timeless in appearance. You can observe this kind of furniture style in heritage homes or long-standing hotels. As for decor, you may be able to see some oil paintings on canvas, fancy-looking flower vases and heavy curtains.

What this says about you: You are a reliable dentist, who always go for tried and tested measures. It can also represent you being a seasoned professional in your field and somebody who can be trusted. A classical style dentist office lobby is pleasing to the eyes, too young and older generations alike.

What your furniture style is: Modern

Modern furniture types are usually described as minimalist, pristine, and delicate. Your furniture pieces can be mostly comprised of glass, steel, and plain colored couches. Modern furniture always leans on the side of neutral colors, such as grays, blacks or whites. Decors are usually with glass containers, flowers with long stems, abstract artworks, and other similar items.

What this says about you: You are a dentist who always likes to try new things. You are someone who strives to always make things better, a risk-taker, someone who is unafraid to do what may be risky but is best for the client. Your appeal may also be leaning to a younger clientele, or to urban professionals who are seeking to have dental care.

What your furniture style is: Practical

Practical furniture is best defined as pieces that are simple and made of quality materials. This can include the typical clinic items of furniture such as solid, rectangular benches, office file cabinets, and minimal decorations. This type of clinic looks very formal–once you step in, you already know that it is indeed a clinic. Windows may be with traditional blinds or vertical blinds, and your walls are filled with dental information charts.

What this says about you: You are a no-fuss dentist, and you are someone who takes your job seriously. Your schedules are on the dot, and you don’t want to waste any time on other trivial matters. You are a dentist, you help people fix their smiles, and you get the job done well. It can also mean that you are a serious type of person, which may be a positive or negative thing, depending on your client. Some clients want their dentists to be serious, and others friendly. Either way, the first impression that this kind of lobby brings is that it’s straight to the point and fully serves its purpose.

What your furniture style is: Poorly Maintained

This is more of a condition rather than a personal style. It can be described as any of furniture piece or decor, but the problem is it’s poorly maintained. You can see some leather tears on the couch, or even wood chipping on your coffee table. The windows are unkempt and dusty, and your magazine choices date back to 10 years ago.

What this says about you: You may be a dentist who is difficult to trust. You’re someone who does a sloppy job. It reflects in your lobby, so it will most likely to reflect on your work. According to JMD furniture, if you don’t want to be seen as a ‘bad’ dentist, make sure to update your clinic lobby furnishings, and always maintain cleanliness.

Which of these 4 styles is your clinic? Whether you want to be seen as a dentist who is reliable, a risk-taker, serious, but hopefully never a terrible one, JMD Furniture can provide you with pieces best suited to your professional needs. For more information, visit their website at http://jmdfurniture.com.