Unitox Demonstrates Importance of Innovation in Medicine

Doctors operating in all manner of medical fields have a tremendous opportunity to drive innovation and improve the level of care patients receive, particularly when one considers the fact that doctors are in the unique position to identify an inefficiency and to work on creating a solution. A perfect example of a doctor taking full advantage of this opportunity can be found in Unitox, a specialty syringe designed for administering BOTOX.

The specialty syringe known as Unitox is the invention of Dr. Sid Solomon, a cosmetic dentist who is also the founder of the Center for Cosmetic, Implant and Neuromuscular Dentistry. Dr. Solomon recognized the opportunity before him when he observed the clearly inefficient practice of using syringes designed for Insulin during BOTOX procedures. In order to administer BOTOX while using these syringes, doctors were forced to convert the Insulin units to BOTOX units, a time-consuming process that could also lead to inaccurate measurements.

After making this simple observation, Dr. Solomon began developing a syringe that would eliminate the need for doctors to convert measurements during BOTOX procedures, thereby allowing doctors to focus on the care they provide to their patients rather than working on unit conversion formulas. The dentist then had his syringe patented and approved for use by the FDA, which has since been of great assistance to both doctors and patients alike.

The work of Dr. Solomon underscores the importance of innovation in the medical field. Rather than bemoaning the inefficiency of an established practice, Dr. Solomon set out to find a better way to serve patients through innovation and creativity. This is an important lesson for all doctors as well as other medical professionals, and it shows that a complacent approach can result in patients failing to receive the highest possible level of care. If more doctors follow Dr. Solomon’s lead, the medical industry will continue to move forward with new innovation that is extremely beneficial to patients.

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