Dana Sibilsky

An experienced and board-certified medical practitioner of psychiatric services available through North Georgia Psychiatry, Dr. Dana Sibilsky is able to call upon many years of experience in a variety of positions in the field of medicine. Dr. Sibilsky has served as a board-certified psychiatrist in both private practice and emergency care, and also has experience working on the administrative side of the field as a medical director.

Though Dr. Sibilsky can refer to her many years of practical experience in psychiatry, she is certainly not short on educational experience. Dr. Sibilsky majored in biology as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan before going on to earn a graduate degree in microbiology from Oaklnad University. After attending the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Dr. Sibilsky returned to her home state of Michigan to attend Wayne State University so that she could enter the field of psychiatry.

Following the many years of education that saw her earn a variety of degrees that serve her well to this day, Dr. Sibilsky began her psychiatric career in private practice. Though she enjoyed her work in private practice and would eventually return, she found that the world of emergency psychiatric care was more appealing at the time. She stayed in emergency psychiatry for several years before being offered a position in Georgia to work as a medical director. The move appealed to Dr. Sibilsky’s desire to be closer to her sister and her nieces, so she accepted the position.

Eventually, however, Dr. Sibilsky began to feel a desire to return to private practice. With North Georgia Psychiatry, Dr. Sibilsky is now back in a role in which she can continue to assist patients in addressing their individual psychiatric needs. In private practice, Dr. Sibilsky has developed a reputation as a confident psychiatrist who is able to provide compassionate and professional care to all of her patients.

Patients of Dr. Sibilsky’s are often surprised to learn of her varied and seemingly disparate personal interests that include a study of Krav Maga and gemology. The doctor also holds a scuba diving certification and is a skydiving enthusiast who has endured a near-fatal accident that resulted in fractured humerus. While the doctor is a very interesting individual, she is also quite clearly devoted to ensuring that her patients receive nothing but the best care and attention possible.

26 thoughts on “Dana Sibilsky

  1. My husband says he’s been to lots of psychiatrists since having come home from the battles in Iraq. He says Dana Sibilsky is gentle and caring. Dana is strictly business and treats each client as sweet as can be. Other doctors only want to know what is going on in the Middle East that the media isn’t saying. That’s not exactly what a soldier suffering PTSD wants to talk about when coming home to relax….

  2. I’ve been keeping up with a lot of your posts. You’re right, there really is an art in everything that has a learning curve. I’m hoping to hear your thoughts on the art of psychiatry.

  3. I had depression from 1985-1986. It was seriously the longest year of my life. There was just so much nothingness and I couldn’t focus on anything important. I wanted to, but just couldn’t. Thank goodness for people like you Dana Sibilsky.

  4. Dana is a great personality I have to say. She proved herself by serving many people under her guidance in her lifetime. Glad to know that she can manage to be scuba diver in her spare time. An inspirational story!

  5. What a great story! So inspirational! I feel like I need to go out, and do more, do something positive, and give back to society. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Dr. Dana Sibilsky just amazes me. What an accomplished and giving person. We need more people like her in this world.

  7. From time to time, I stumble on to a wonderfully written autobiography and it has the power to inspire me. This is one of those!

  8. I’ve done some work with Miss Dana Sibilsky in the past and I have nothing less to say to her than she is a joy to work with.

  9. You’re like a wonder woman. Is there anything you can’t do Dana Sibilsky? Come back to your practice!

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