Dentistry Is Also Necessary in the Animal Kingdom

Though many Americans still avoid dental care for one reason or another, most are aware of the importance of dentistry and how proper oral care is a vital component of overall health and well-being. What many people may not realize is that dentistry is not just for humans, as the field of veterinary dentistry has a long history of helping both domestic and wild animals get the treatment they need to experience optimal health.

The most obvious — or at least the most famous –- example of this type of dentistry can be found in Keenesburg, Colorado, which is not all that far from the headquarters of All Language Alliance, Inc. Known as the Wild Animal Sanctuary, veterinary dentists are able to treat animals that include mountain lions, leopards and many others.

The fact that veterinary dentistry is considered so important to those in the animal kingdom should underscore the value of dentistry to humans, especially those who dismiss dental care as unnecessary, inconvenient or uncomfortable. There is no good reason for avoiding dental care, as it has been shown through countless studies that proper oral care can help in the prevention of a number of serious diseases that include life-threatening conditions relating to the heart.

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